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What’s Astop?

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In 2003 we opened our first shop as a rental showcase in the “Akihabara Radio Kaikan”. In 2011 we opened our second shop in the “AKIBA Culture’s ZONE”. Now we have over 1600 showcases in our two shops. In the shops, several items are displayed together in each showcase; figures, stuffed animals, plastic models, idol goods and photos, retro games, trading cards and original products are all on display. We handle a wide range of genres.

What’s the rental showcase?

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Our shop offers a service to private individuals with sought after collectibles to sell, to put their merchandise in to our showcases. The owners of the merchandise decide the price they wish to set. We then sell their items on their behalf. The showcase owner will pay a small sales commission on items and a usage fee for the showcase, to contribute to the costs of running our shop. The type of items differ by owner, so you may find animation figures, comics, idol goods, and games from a variety of genres. Sometimes you may even discover a rare or hard to find limited item. Unlike buying from an auction site or other Internet outlet, when you buy our merchandise you can verify the condition of it yourself, giving a much greater level of confidence in your purchase.

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Introduction of Nakano Branch

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5 Minutes of walk from JR Nakano Station, behind the Nakano Sun Mall shopping arcade is the Nakano Broadway. Inside Nakano Broadway, around the elevator on the 1st floor is our Nakano shop. Following success from our 2 shops in Akihabara, we have finally opened our third shop in the subcultural heaven, Nakano. With around 120 showcases and experience from our other shops, we thrive to improve our services and ensure a great experience for our customers. Whenever you want to find something, we would like to be the first shop that comes to your mind.

How to purchase our items

STEP.01 Visit

Please feel free to visit

STEP.02 Browsing

First of all, please browse the shop

STEP.03 Decision

There is a purchchase card in the shop. Pick up a purchase card in the shop if you find an item to buy

STEP.04 Entry

Please fill out the card

STEP.05 Filling

Please put a voice to the staff and hand it to him

STEP.06 Confirmation

Please ask open the showcase to the staff. Check the merchandise condition and detail

STEP.07 Payment

Please pay at the cashier

It was very easy to shop even when it was my first time. The shop staff was kindly and frankly explained and taught me. The shopping experience here, is like visiting an amusement park rather than just shopping. You will enjoy Astop even just watching a lot of showcases.


QDo you accept credit cards?
AWe accept credit card payments if the purchase is over 3000yen
QDoes it come with a box?
ABasically, it depends on the merchandise. We sell it to you as it is. If you are worried about taking it home, we will wrap it with bubble wrap.
QDo you accept returns and refunds?
APlease note that all merchandises are NOT refundable and exchangeable.


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